A Gift More Than Half a Century in the Making

By Ron Richardson 5W4

Ron Richardson

Ron Richardson 5W4 (right) is a member of the Wanamaker Society.

At a recent Williamson luncheon, I spoke on why I joined the Wanamaker Society. I mentioned that because my mother attended dances there as a teenager, I became aware of Williamson's mission and opportunities.

I was sort of destined to apply after my dad died in 1946. My free education from 1951–54 has always been an important part of my life's history. After 55 years as a painting contractor, I believe Williamson was the foundation for my career. Others besides Mr. Williamson paid for my days in school, and throughout my life I felt I should help support the school's goal of full scholarships for every student.

As we age and plan our wills and estates, I look at what I have acquired as if it were a pie chart, just as corporations do to forecast financial data. I looked at my imaginary pie chart and decided how I would slice it up. Besides the annual support we give through the years, I chose to join the Wanamaker Society and designate a slice from my pie to go to Williamson in my will.

I truly believe the school's history of nearly 130 years giving free, three-year scholarships to every student is probably unmatched in the United States. It's important to remember what Mr. Williamson's dream did for us in our youth. I would hope more alumni and friends will look at their life's pie chart and join the Wanamaker Society and provide their slice to help continue the long-term future of Williamson.

Members of The Wanamaker Society have made a commitment to the long-term future of Williamson through wills and other planned gifts. They are helping to ensure the college will have the financial resources to continue its rich tradition of educational excellence for generations to come. To learn more about making a gift to Williamson, please contact Arlene A. Snyder, CFRE at 610-566-1776, Ext. 246 or asnyder@williamson.edu.