A Transformative Gift for Future Students

Richard F. Storm

Richard F. "Dick" Storm 6W2 has made an investment in future students by making Williamson a beneficiary of his retirement account.

For Richard F. "Dick" Storm 6W2, attending Williamson transformed his life's trajectory. "My high school teachers had given up on me," he says. They suggested the college as an alternative option.

Offered as a last resort, Williamson ignited a passion for energy production that is still burning today. Dick still recounts his first class with Harry Park, the power plant instructor, and the explanation of coal-powered energy that started his path to a fulfilling, lucrative career.

Dick ties his success to the hands-on education in responsibility and leadership at Williamson. Reflecting on managing the Rupp Power Plant, "When lights flickered, you knew who was on shift!" After graduation, Dick's character and expertise allowed him to lead teams and power plants throughout the East Coast before forming his own company, Storm Technologies, in 1992.

Dick began giving back to Williamson in 2000 before joining the board where chairman Wayne Watson 4W8 tasked him with “looking after the power plant program.” Since then, Dick’s personal contributions and fundraising efforts helped renew the same Williamson experience of a hands-on, stand-alone power plant—an Energy Island—for future students.

His goal now? "I want to keep Williamson strong to transform future lives."

To that end, Dick decided to join the Wanamaker Society and make Williamson a beneficiary of his individual retirement account. Reflecting the values first learned at Williamson, Dick encourages each of us to keep the college strong, uplifting the next generation of students.

"Anyone with success has an obligation to pass it on and change the lives of other men," he says.

You can transform the lives of our students with a gift like the one Dick Storm made to Williamson. Contact Arlene A. Snyder, CFRE at 610-566-1776, Ext. 246 or asnyder@williamson.edu to choose the one that's right for you.