Setting Future Students Up for Success

Joyce Decker

Joyce Decker is a longtime friend and volunteer of Williamson College of the Trades.

"I tell people what a rare jewel Williamson is!" says Joyce Decker. A friend and volunteer of Williamson College of the Trades, Joyce sees the college as a unique opportunity for many young men. "You keep hearing more and more stories of students graduating college with debt," Joyce says. "Where else can your child get a $90,000 degree with no debt and people begging to hire you?"

Growing up in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, Joyce was first introduced to Williamson in 1967. While a sophomore at West Chester University, she was invited to a Christmas dance at the trade school. Joyce can still remember her first chapel service on campus and the Williamson men she met on that first visit.

Joyce's relationship with Williamson influenced her brother, Robert Baker 7W9, to attend and get his degree in Power Plant Technology. By all accounts, he became "a stellar example of a Williamson Man," going on to receive a mechanical engineering degree and work in the power industry. As a firm believer in being independent, Joyce has seen over and over that "the college gives you the tools to be independent."

Joyce DeckerThe decision to leave a gift for Williamson in her will was a culminating point in Joyce's relationship with the college. "It's a personal decision. If you believe in the core values of the college—and you can't argue with the quality of education they receive—you want to support it."

Looking at her history with the place, Joyce could think of fewer organizations that would continue to make an impact like Williamson College of the Trades.

To learn more about how you, like Joyce, can make a lasting impact at Williamson, contact Arlene A. Snyder, CFRE at 610-566-1776, Ext. 246 or