The Secret to His Success? Williamson

Barbara and Charles Covington

Barbara and Charles Covington 6W1 joined the Wanamaker Society as an investment in the school's future.

Charles Covington 6W1 says everything positive that happened in his life was because of Williamson.

His father died when he was 14, his mother worked four jobs to support the family, and he began hanging out with "the wrong crowd" and doing poorly in school. His future looked bleak until he learned of Williamson.

After enrolling, Charles flourished in his machine tool technology studies and graduated with a special technology certificate. He worked at the DuPont Co. in Wilmington, Delaware, and as a private project management consultant before founding Tri-Cee Inc., in Bear, Delaware, providing major corporations with project management.

An annual donor, Charles joined the Wanamaker Society as an investment in the school's future. "I have had a good life, and Williamson played the largest role in making that happen, so I decided to do more than provide annual support," he says. "I visit Williamson often and see what fine young men are there and that they are getting the same excellent education I did. I know exactly where my support is going and that is a great feeling."

Charles' wife, Barbara, who is also a Society member, says, "I knew Charles would not have been as successful had it not been for his Williamson education. It provided both of us with a very good life. I am so impressed with Williamson and the young men I have met there. Joining the Wanamaker Society was an easy decision."

Members of the Wanamaker Society are committed to the long-term future of Williamson. Through wills and other planned gifts, they are helping to ensure the College will have the financial resources to continue its rich tradition of educational excellence for generations to come. To learn more, contact Arlene A. Snyder, CFRE at 610-566-1776, Ext. 246 or