Meet Our Donors

Setting Future Students Up for Success

Joyce Decker

Joyce Decker knows the amount of debt many students face. That's why she is so supportive of the work Williamson does. Her gift ensures her support will continue for generations to come. More

A Transformative Gift for Future Students

Richard F. Storm

Richard F. "Dick" Storm owes much of his success to Williamson. He's making sure others have the same success with a gift to the College. More

The Secret to His Success? Williamson

Barbara and Charles Covington

Charles Covington 6W1 says everything positive that happened in his life was because of Williamson. His father died when he was 14, his mother worked four jobs to support the family, and he began hanging out with "the wrong crowd" and doing poorly in school. His future looked bleak until he learned of Williamson. More

A Gift More Than Half a Century in the Making

Ron Richardson

Ron Richardson made a long-term commitment to Williamson with a gift in his will. He says it’s important to give back to the school. More